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our story

After gaining more than 12 years experience in legal practice I decided to take the plunge and found Echo Contracts. 


I have seen hundreds and hundreds of contracts which are at odds with the business they represent. Too often these agreements are disjointed, contradictory and wholly one-sided. I've negotiated with teams who don't know why 'that' term is in their agreement, or who have sent the 'wrong version' because there's confusion in the office. Echo Contracts offers a better way for companies stuck with clunky legal provison.


We exist to help companies large and small to make lasting change to their legal services and stop the legal bottleneck. I've helped Google streamline contracting processes, equipping the business to use and engage with contracts confidently. I've worked with fintech, marketing companies, technology companies and start-ups to provide strategic legal consultancy which tailors practical solutions, including implementation of technology, to transform the legal function.


One common thread runs through it all - your legal function should work for you as a business. With this come cost savings and better productivity, customer experience and risk management.


It's not magic, it's legal as it should be.  Maybe you have a legal team, maybe you don't. Maybe you're a start-up or maybe you've been around a while - I am confident Echo Contracts can help you build a legal function you want to show off to everyone. This is my passion. Feel free to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. 


Founder - Echo Contracts

what our clients say

"We place great emphasis on client experience at ramarketing but recognised our contracts were a weak link in our customer onboarding process. Echo helped us think through our risks while creating brilliant contracts that felt in keeping with the tone and feel of our brand. Our customers love our practical approach and it's been so much easier and faster to seal the deal since then. It's been a fantastic experience and we would not hesitate to recommend Echo Contracts to any fast growing business like ours."

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