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get a handle on risk and contract management 

Do your standard agreements often take ages to negotiate? Perhaps it's difficult to know what's been agreed before or what risks exist across your contracts? Perhaps vendor terms are agreed ad-hoc which creates confusion, or just takes ages. 

Each of these issues is taking your time away from adding more strategic value to the business, but we can help free up your time, money and headspace. 

What we do

We perform a diagnostic on your contracts, looking at where your pain points are and work with you to resolve them so you're not forever going over the same old stuff.  

Then we build for the future - if you can standardize 80% you're free to be strategic where it matters most. We work with you to create playbooks that standardize decision making and align with your company's strategy.  When we're done you'll know what can be agreed and by who. You'll also have a clear picture of what risk level your contracts are at so you can move faster and better without having to rely so much on expensive legal support. 

If you're thinking about automating, this is a great step to take as many legal software programs allow you to add playbooks to your contracts for an even slicker, faster and often cheaper process. 

Playbooks are a valuable asset to businesses. They speed up contract times and stop you having to shell out more money for legal resource.

What's in a playbook?

Add information about the sale and encourage users to take advantage of the promotion. Be sure to include any relevant details you want shoppers to know about the sale or your store. Click to edit the text.

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