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plain english contracts that speak your voice

You've worked so hard on the pitch and put your heart and soul into it, but then the contract sounds like someone wrote it in 1900. Or perhaps your customers are just confused when it comes to your documents. 


We design plain English contracts that look and feel like you, and simplify your legal touchpoint. We apply design thinking to your documents so they don't just look good and sound good, they work in practice and reflect your buisness.


Let your legal touchpoint be one you're proud to present and help you seal the deal. Show your customer just how awesome you are at every turn. 

Think you may need a contracts refresh schedule a 30 minute complimentary chat. We'd love to talk to you.

What is Legal Design?

Legal design takes the principles of design thinking and applies them to your contracts making the document more understandable and more effective. 



In this step we work with you to discuss your contract issues  and dreams for the future


We'll develop a clear action plan for the look & feel of your documents based on your business priorities.



We create a prototype plain English, easy to read agreement that reflects your brand and priorities.

You should have a contract that looks great, feels great and helps you get the job done. 



Time to test it out. We test out  the new agreement on your users and business.

Is the agreement easy to  use and understand? Does it take less time? 

Does it work for you?

We gather all the feedback to improve the design.


The agreement gets sign off and goes live. 

We stick around to provide support and help with the implementation and change management if needed.

 " With legal design, sales can implement contracts with ease, customers know what they're signing and why. People engage in a new way with your documents, because they finally understand them and take ownership of them, without needing to rely on legal all the time. "
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